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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Where are we now and where are we going?

The world spins and turns. There is so much happening around us, so many bad things, so much pain and disaster. Floods, tornadoes, nuclear reactors melting, slaughtering of innocent people trying to find freedom from dictatorship and poverty. And that's only part of it. Our country, once the greatest country in the world, has found itself being led by politicians who are nothing but puppets, manipulated and owned by the people who support their campaigns. This sounds harsh, but how else to explain the recent vote in the Senate to save billions of dollars in subsidies to the oil companies. These corporations are awash in record profits due to the high price of oil. Their executives go to Washington and say they are being discriminated against, that they need these subsidies to continue to invest in their business. Is this ludicrous or not? How can anyone defend their right to be subsidized when they are already the richest companies in the entire world?
We also have a Supreme Court on the side of the BIG, denying the right of citizens to file class actions suits against corporations. The Court also struck down the right of a female employee to sue for pay discrimination because of a time limitation. It didn't matter that it took a long time for her to learn she was being discriminated against. This makes any future suits all but moot.The Court also decreed that corporations should count as private citizens when it comes to giving money to poolitical campaigns. Once again, the rights of the individual are being trampled by those in authority.
How did we get here? What has happened to the ideals we once had about caring for the unfortunate? The poor, the hard working classes that earn enough to survive but not enough to have medical coverage or even enough food with help like food stamps.Our politicians are more concerned with helping Wall Street, Banks, the various industries like Insurance, Pharmaceuitcals, Oil, Agriculture, anyone who has enough money to lobby and enough clout to put their arms around the politicians shoulder and whisper sweet nothings in their ears.
I fear for my country. I fear the future for our children and grandchildren. My hope is that the younger generations will come out of their hi tech, twittering, facebook, texting, gaming obsessions and recognize that the future is in their hands. And then do something about it.